A&V Xpose Unit

AV Xpose 2530

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Exposure Unit

Exposure unit designed for digital imaging and the thermal market. Available in 2 sizes: 25″x30″ (2530 model) and 36″x48″ (3648 model).

AV Xpose 2530

Exposure section

  • High concentration of UV-A lamps to ensure the highest UV output and exposure
  • Air flow cooling system for exposure lamps
  • Exposure consistency from edge to edge (22 miliwatts average throughout)

Light Finishing Section

  • One-drawer UV-A / UV-C post exposure and light finishing system
  • Includes air flow cooling system


  • 230V single phase
  • 30amp circuit (2530) / 40amp circuit (3648)
  • 6” exhaust output supplied with an inline booster fan recommended
  • 1-exposure drawer
  • 1-post exposure/light finishing combination drawer
  • 1-storage drawer
  • Glass cutting top with scale
  • Leveling swivel casters
  • LCD touch screen controls
  • PLC interface
  • Flip top lid for easy access to electrical components


  • Overall Footprint: 57”W x 50”D x 47”H (2530) / 62”W x 62”D x 47”H (3648)
  • Approximate Weight: 900lbs (2530) / 1,200lbs (3648)

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