XSYS nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System

Nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor

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A smarter design for greater productivity with less maintenance, less downtime, and lower operating costs

nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System for flexographic printing plates – incorporating the speed of thermal plate making with incredible plate and print quality.

At the heart of the processing system lies the nyloflex® Thermal Printing Plates specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well in the nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor.

Key Benefits

Reduced Operating Costs

  • With its short wave IR preheating system that is specially designed for its heating depth precision, you can expect to see a decrease of up to 88% in your electricity usage
  • Features zoned lamps for maximum energy efficiency at any plate width

Excellent Quality & Improved Productivity

  • Features high-quality thermal plates, a thermal flat-top dot, and round dot plates that are optimized to the infrared preheating system
  • The plates are thoughtfully designed to resist non-woven impressions and display high cleanout between dots for consistent solids printing time and time again
  • Great for markets in tag & ideal, flexible packaging, and paper & board

Nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing system

Sustainability and Health & Safety

  • Near elimination of VOCs, the nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System delivers efficient energy usage and uses as much as 30% less fabric in its developer rolls
  • Weighing less than 30 lbs, users can benefit from working in a safer environment due to the lightweight, more sustainable developer rolls

Equipment Dimensions

nyloflex thermal dimensions

Technical Data

nyloflex thermal technical data

nyloflex® Xpress Waste Recovery Program

A complete solution for removal of waste materials

nyloflex recycling

  • All consumable items from the process collected:
    • Used developer rolls
    • Raw or finished plates (with or without stickyback)
    • Cover sheets and foam separators
    • Empty plate and developer roll boxes
  • Palletize the boxes and attach provided shipping label
  • Simply call or email to arrange pick-up
  • Waste will be routed for recycling or to waste-to-energy facility where available

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PDF File IconDownload the Xpress Thermal Processing System Brochure

PDF File IconDownload the Xpress Thermal Processor Brochure