Powerwise Ink Pumps

Powerwise Ink Pumps

An Anderson & Vreeland partner company is an unsung hero of the flexo business.


Perhaps not the most well-known element in flexo printing, but ink pumps are a crucial part of the printing process. Bill Mason, sales manager of Powerwise Ink Pumps, based in Erie, PA, talks to Flexo Daily about ink pumps and how Powerwise became an Anderson & Vreeland partner.

Powerwise was actually founded n the UK about 60 years ago. Company lore has it that founder John Holmes—a pump salesman—designed his first ink pump at his kitchen table after a customer complained he couldn’t find what he needed on the market. Regardless of whether this is actually a true story, Powerwise still helps customers find, or create, the right ink pump.

Powerwise products are cost-effective and popular because they’re designed as a one-install, inclusive solution., unlike many of their competitors’ products, which often require additional components.

"We have a complete system,” says Bowers. “We sell everything combined in one piece. You just get your pump out of the box, install it, and you’re ready to go.”

They’ll also create custom piece for customers with specific needs, using their in-house designers, local manufacturers, and even specialist components from the U.K. “If someone comes up with a weird project, we don’t say, ‘We can’t do that’.” We’ll always take a look at it and see if we can do it,” says Bowers.

Their relationship with Anderson & Vreeland began in 2011, when AV needed an ink pump supplier to add to their portfolio, and they turned to Powerwise. Although Powerwise is a small company, their size means agility, and their ability to turn on a dime for their customers has won them fans. Not something many larger companies can do because of the hoops they have to go through—so their customers often come to Powerwise. “If you call up wanting an ink pump today, we can pack one in a box and ship it to you next day red.”

Powerwise offers 4 models of ink pumps:

Centrifugal ink pumpsCentrifugal: Comes with air driven and electric motor versions, their best sellers because they’re outfitted with a lid that fits directly onto a 5-gallon container. Learn More

Periastaltic Ink pumpsPeristaltic: Designed for abrasive, corrosive, and shear-sensitive solutions. Learn More

double diaphragm ink pumpsDouble Diaphragm: Can be used with a large selection of inks, varnishes, coatings, adhesives and laminates. Learn More

Powerwise ink pumps and accessoriesFilters, Mixers and Accessories: Repair kits, spare parts, and fittings kept in stock for quick shipment. Learn More

Powerwise has also set up their own YouTube channel with videos on everything from installing a filter to pump assembly.

And just as important as pumps are people. “We’re a small company but we’re very customer-oriented,” says Bowers. “If somebody buys a pump, we follow-up and make sure they’re happy.”


Anderson & Vreeland Offers the Complete line of Powerwise Ink Pumps and Accessories. Contact Us to learn more.