QEA Instruments

QEA has some of the most comprehensive & sophisticated tools for evaluating plates & print in in the flexographic & dry-offset markets. Our test tools quantify flexo plates, film, masks, photopolymer- and metal-backed plates and sleeves, letterpress, newsprint and direct-engraved plates, as well as the final print.

Your application

  • Speed, objectivity and reliability
  • Quantitative analysis
  • End-to-end workflow QC
  • Elimination of waste
  • Portability and versatility

Built-in functions analyze a host of critical quality attributes:

How to use the QEA IAS Plate Measuring Device

See the video on How to use the QEA IAS Plate Measuring Device

  • Dot%
  • Dot gain
  • Line screen
  • Screen angle
  • Line and text quality
  • Barcode quality
  • Graininess and mottle
  • Density
  • Color
  • Color registration
  • and more

Flexographic Plates and Prints

Flexographic Plates and Prints

Measurement data and captured images can be uploaded to PC for tone curve generation, calibration and other quality analysis functions. Advanced process control instrument for analysing flexo plates and prints of any size.
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Please take a look at our QEA video

QEA IAS Plate Measuring Device