X-Rite eXact

Quality Control Helps Color Work For Your Customers

Whether you are printing labels on a narrow-web flexo press, a Wide-Web CI press, or producing folding cartons, managing color is critical. Quality control is essential.

You need to be able to count on the tools you use and several from X-Rite deliver the accuracy you require.

Getting eXact

x-rite exactNo matter how finely trained your eyes may be, a spectrophotometer is better. The X-Rite eXact family of spectrophotometers and densitometers has features and capabilities that accurately measure color for various lighting conditions, different Delta E methods, multiple color spaces and Pantone colors, and account for opacity and even metamerism —the tendency for color to vary in hue and tonality depending on the light source.

And there’s more. For example, the eXact XP is designed specifically for film converters, offering the ability to alleviate the challenges of managing color variances due to film orientation. Adjusting for this can be a time-consuming problem without an accurate digital color measurement tool, but with the proper settings dialed in the eXact XP reads the color correctly.

Color Cert Suite

x-rite NetProfilerPackaging workflows typically include input from brand owners, advertising and design agencies, prepress pros, and plating and ink companies. All this input can make managing accurate color and achieving print consistency a challenge. But suppose it could all be streamlined by complete front- to-finish communications?

That’s the idea behind the X-Rite ColorCert Suite: simplifying color communication on a dashboard that’s accessible to everyone in the production process. ColorCert helps your team orchestrate precise color and print specifications by uniting traditional silos of information into a single workflow that is accessible to all involved.

From the shop floor up, ColorCert Suite helps printing and packaging converters manage CMYK, expanded gamut, and spot color workflows, no matter which printing process, substrates, or industry standard is used. It features modular tools that streamline communications, provides actionable data, and help people —from brand owners to press operators— take advantage of the many processes and technologies used in modern package printing and converting.

Pantone Live

x-rite PantoneLIVE FamilyBrand-specific colors are essential for most printed material, and especially those that compete for consumers’ attention on retail shelves. PantoneLIVE enables communication of Pantone color libraries to stakeholders in global supply chains. All users can access the same Pantone color libraries, helping ensure color consistency and a fostering new way of managing and communicating color.

Getting Ink Right

x-rite InkFormulation SoftwareDesigners, printers, and packaging converters all know color quality and consistency are critical in a highly competitive marketplace. Most companies have prepress and printing practices in place to deliver these values, but too often quality control is overlooked during ink formulation, a time-consuming task that demands specialized talent —and a certain amount of luck. And do you really want to count on luck?

Available in four configurations including an online version, Basic and Professional for printers, and a version for ink manufacturers, X-Rite’s Ink-Formulation Software gives ink suppliers, printers and packaging converters flexibility and control over recipes, improves basic material handling, simplifies definitions of ink film thickness, and helps reduce hazardous waste. It makes using leftover inks easier, letting you reduce overall ink inventories.

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