Model 77 Sleeve Demounter

The New 77” Sleeve Demounter

Anderson & Vreeland adds to its Model 77 Sleeve Demounter portfolio with a new, longer length.

Model 77 Sleeve DemounterAn Anderson & Vreeland client was looking for a demounter with a longer sleeve, so AV developed the newest addition to their Model 77 Sleeve Demounter portfolio, a 77 inch face demounter. This new length joins AV’s 66” Sleeve Demounter in offering clients an easy and safe way to delaminate mounted printing plates from printing sleeves.

Model 77 Sleeve DemounterThe first sleeve demounter came out 4 years ago, after a client asked for help coming up with a better way to demount plates from sleeves. Their employees were developing problems like carpal tunnel syndrome from having to use so much pressure to detach plates, and they wanted a solution that was safer and more efficient. AV took up the challenge: they used 3D modeling to sketch out ideas and then built it in their workshop—and that unit was delivered to a client in Indiana. With all AV sleeve demounter models, clients can also use expanders to marginally increase length.

On other models, the sleeve wasn’t really nailed down, says Scott Murray, AVantage Technical Services Representative, so it moved around a lot, making control difficult. The Model 77 keeps the sleeve in place.

[quote style=”boxed”]“The leading edge has to be peeled back and held up against a roller,” says Murray. “But once that’s done the machine pretty much does all the work.” [/quote]

AV’s sleeve demounter is ergonomic, with a comfortable working height and foot pedals to control sleeve direction. And it’s safe: there are safety strips that automatically releases the sleeve, and the roller operates with very low pressure. So low, in fact, that Murray often demonstrates the pressure by sticking his hand in the roller. “It’s like putting your hand under a rolling pin.” he says. “There’s a little bit of pressure but not enough so it’s going to hurt you.”

See the new sleeve demounter in action on Flexo T.V.

Or you can learn more about the Model 77 Sleeve Demounter here. You can also Call A&V for a demonstration. Toll Free: 866-282-7697.


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