Color Control Initiative

Company Wide Color Control Initiative

We will identify a team of leaders to follow a seven-step Company Wide Control Initiative implementation process, through the development of a series of process improvement teams.

Through close analysis, these leadership teams will identify key equipment calibration and control points throughout the workflow.

Once identified, leaders will work with individual departmental team members to develop, train and implement new procedures that will ensure a consistent, repeatable color workflow.

This implementation will use both densitometric and colorimetric tools to quantify equipment capabilities, producing realistic contract color proofs.

With the elimination of human visual subjectivity and this implementation of densitometric and colorimetric measurement devices, on-press color matching time will be reduced by 60 to 80% by the time of project completion.

We will assist in complete project management, all employee training, and the development and implementation of procedures.  This is a lengthy process-improvement-project that will expand over multiple months and require 100% commitment from the administration.

The project’s overall goal is to develop a consistent, repeatable color workflow, that will increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, reduce waste, and create team atmospheres that will break down communication barriers, enhancing both internal and external customer confidence.