What is the Anilox Management System?

The Anilox Management System is an option of the AniCAM product and provides detailed information on the condition of each roll in a printer’s Anilox inventory. Every roll is entered with its unique roll ID, screen count, date of purchase, manufacturer name, and initial volume measurements at several positions across its width. Typically 2 positions (left and right) for label printers, 3 positions (left, center and right) for flexible packaging printers, and 5 positions for corrugated rolls. Whenever the roll is measured the readings are entered into AMS, which builts a roll and volume/ wear history based on this information. In addition, also the volume variance across the roll width is tracked.

Roll data can be entered manually from analog ink drawdown systems or automatically via the electronic Troika AniCAM system.

The window provides detailed information on the condition of each roll – including:

  • Wear
  • Variance across the roll
  • Basic roll information and
  • A visual representation of the original and current surface of the roll

Easy to use!

  • Editable dropdown menus allow for fast assignment of manufacturer names, press names, operator names, and suitabilities.
  • The ‘Press’ tab of the AMS application allows each press to be accessed easily and lists the presses assigned Anilox rolls providing instant information on the volume and condition of each roll.

Why use the Anilox Management System?

Troika AMS SoftwareThe Anilox Management System software product has been developed as a result of discussions with several hundreds of printers world wide. It became apparent that the strongest desire of most printers is to achieve the desired colour accuracy (delta-E) quicker, hence reducing the press setup time. This can now be achieved by being confident that the rolls are genuinely clean and matched. Research has shown that the desired colour is achieved first time in about 60% of jobs. This means in 40% of jobs ink adjustment is needed, which increases the set up time – and cost. Ink adjustment is the usual solution, however talking to ink technicians they clearly state that the majority of their additional press setup time is due to anilox issues. So if the printer is fully aware of the condition of his Anilox inventory he will be able to improve the press set up time, reduce ink matching and improve production and profitability.