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Troika Systems is a company from the UK that has pioneered the development and manufacturing of 3D Volumetric Scanning Microscopes. Today, their products are used across multiple industries including security, flexible packaging, label, and corrugated markets.

For today’s environmentally sustainable companies, their award-winning AniCAM and SurfaceCAM 3D scanning microscopes work alongside your process control teams, allowing them to accurately measure anilox and gravure cylinder volumes, as well as flexographic plate dot measurement. By recording the data into their inventory management software, AMS and CMS, enables you to improve your internal processes.

Through controlled quality control management, a typical 15% saving in make-ready waste, as well as a 55% reduction of ink waste is easily achievable. Explore Troika Systems products below.

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Explore Troika Systems’ Anilox hardware and software that uses the latest technology for more accurate, efficient printing.

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FlexoPlate QC

Defective plates will waste time and money, lowering production and profitability. In the long run, cost savings from quality control on dot structure, relief, depth, and sizing can make a significant difference, for a quick return on investment.

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Gravure Cell Analysis

The Gravure Cell Analysis option for the AniCAM was developed for gravure printers where Quality Control of their gravure cylinders is desired. Available with a MagneCAM option which has been fitted with magnetic legs and the internal drive couplings are also magnetic to permit the system to take measurements at any rotation angle around steel cylinders or rolls.

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SurfaceCAM HD™

Troika Systems’ SurfaceCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is a high-precision optical tool that can deal with a variety of materials.

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