Digital Printing

What You Will Learn in Our Digital Printing Webinar

If you witnessed the transition in music from 8-track tapes to cassettes, cassettes to CDs, and CDs to digital music, you will find similar value offered by digital printing technology.

Anderson & Vreeland makes it easy to learn about digital printing and its growing role in flexography during this week’s webinar: “Digital Printing; When to Invest” Lee Zerfass, Digital Business Manager for A&V, will review many factors affecting the adoption of digital printing technology, including inkjet vs. toner, capacity requirements, service agreements, color considerations and more. Is the 4-color process too limiting? What about extended gamut?

There will be something for everyone, whether you’re just entering the digital printing arena, a mid-level digital printer or a high-end digital printer. Lee will provide a technology overview, review the current digital printing market, and explain where it’s heading. Learn about the latest technologies affecting flexo, including digital finishing solutions and digital front ends… all from the convenience of your office or home.

If you are to establish just one expectation when you attend this webinar, expect that you will learn something new and gain a better understanding of digital printing and flexo. So, whether you are new to attending webinars or a veteran that knows what to expect, count on learning more, and how your operation can benefit.

You can log on to your computer, sit back, and absorb the information presented or you can take advantage of the webinar’s interactivity by asking specific questions. Our Digital Printing webinar is Wednesday, September 9th at 2:00 P.M. EST. We hope you join us for this unique learning opportunity.

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