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When “www.” can make you smarter

Websites are the first stop for anyone seeking to find out more about a company. Well, OK, maybe the first stop is typing a few words or a company name into Google or Bing, but the first real landing spot is a website with a company’s logo in the upper left-hand corner. But many websites are little more than digital brochures. This works well for retailers selling commodity products but not so much for products and services that a business depends on. For these, a site should educate, inform, and engage visitors to help make them smarter about the products, services, and technologies on which they rely.

This is the vision behind the re-imagining of the Anderson & Vreeland website. The new site builds on A&V’s 55-year legacy of helping flexographic printers know as much as possible about the technology they rely on while also helping ensure printers understand broader changes that can impact their businesses. Site visitors are just a few clicks away from 24/7/365 access to the broadest and deepest range of knowledge, expertise, real-world examples, and best practices in the flexographic industry.

“We specifically designed the site to help flexographic printers make informed decisions about the technologies they need to be successful,” says Mike Santos, Director of Marketing. “We work with our partners to show how their technology can deliver effective solutions to complex challenges.”

Click to learn

A moment of scrolling or clicking provides unfettered access to industry news, articles and technical advice in Flexo Daily, A&V’s online newsletter, webinars and videos on Flexo University and Flexo TV, links to informative white papers, plus the ability to tap into specialized workshops and training courses on a broad array of pre-press, plate room and pressroom issues, products, and services.

Anderson & Vreeland makes this content readily accessible because we believe sharing knowledge and ideas helps make technology providers and flexographic printers smarter and better able to address the evolving needs of our industry.

“Whether your challenges are platemaking, workflow, color management, digital printing, improving productivity, or choosing consumables like doctor blades and end seals, our site shows you the best practices and provides insights into how your business can be more successful,” says Santos.