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With X-Rite’s mobile apps, you can capture and visualize color wherever life takes you. Delivering color inspiration and communication on the go, our unique color technology enables you to confidently manage your color.


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ColorTRUE is a software solution that delivers unrivaled mobile on-screen color accuracy, ensuring that users see consistent color as they move from computer to tablet to smartphone.

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Color Perfection for Mobile Devices

Color professionals today move seamlessly from device to device – from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone and back – working productively on all platforms and form factors as their capabilities continue to increase. Color perfectionists regularly calibrate their desktop and laptop monitors. But what about mobile devices? That has been problematic – until now.

Using a supported X-Rite measurement device, ColorTRUE quickly and easily measures the color of your Apple® iOS or Android® device, creating a custom profile. This profile is then automatically applied to your images in the ColorTRUE Image Gallery which are seamlessly linked to your existing albums. Now all of your images are displayed accurately. With ColorTRUE, you can be assured your images are showing their TRUE colors!

  • Easily toggle between calibrated and uncalibrated images to see the difference.
  • Accurately view images no matter what type of lighting you are in, taking variability out of image color due to changes in mobile device backlighting.
  • Preview images with a printer profile and rendering intent so there are no surprises when images are printed. Show clients exactly what their images will look like when printed.
  • Tired of losing your embedded profile or converting all images to sRGB for mobile viewing? Easily reassign correct working color spaces, including sRGB, Adobe® RGB, ProPhoto RGB, so your images are displayed as you intended.
  • For optimum tablet to desktop match, choose from D65, D50 and Native lighting conditions.

ColorTRUE is the only mobile calibration app that includes unique tools to ensure that your images are displayed with consistently accurate color. X-Rite is collaborating with other app developers through the ColorTRUE Aware Partner Program to allow apps to seamlessly access your ColorTRUE profile. Tell your favorite app developers you want them to be ColorTRUE aware! Available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


CAPSUREme is a unique solution from X-Rite for determining the perfect foundation match, extending your reach into the consumer’s home using custom printed cards and a smartphone.

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Addressing the Foundation Challenge

Many cosmetics brand owners and retailers are taking advantage of CAPSURE™ Cosmetic to quickly and easily determine the perfect foundation match to a woman’s skin tone. And it has delivered tremendous success—in fact, several large retail cosmetics businesses using CAPSURE Cosmetic report a significant increase in foundation sales!

Now you can take this technology to the end user in an affordable, easy-to-use manner that extends your reach even further. Did you know… in a recent survey 78% of women said that they would change their foundation if they could find a better match. Let’s help them do that! Join us in CAPSUREing the World! Isn’t it time to deliver the perfect color match, every time, anywhere?

  • A handy, convenient, affordable way for beauty consultants or consumers to determine the exact foundation match using a custom printed card and a smartphone and to enhance the effectiveness of new product launches.
  • Appeals to millennials who expect their smartphones to be able to do just about anything.
  • Enhances the customer experience and increases brand loyalty.
  • Reduces cosmetics returns due to dissatisfaction with color.
  • Encourages online purchasing of cosmetics with the confidence that the color will meet expectations.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Take advantage of our expert services to create a custom database of your products and use our SDK to integrate CAPSUREme with your mobile app
  2. Order branded CAPSUREme target cards from X-Rite.
  3. Distribute branded CAPSUREme target cards through your customer loyalty program or other promotions.

Oh, and #4: Watch your customer satisfaction levels and revenues grow.


Color-Eye® is a unique solution that uses a smartphone and calibration card to help consumers shop for new items that accurately match or complement the color of items they have at home.

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Boost Consumer Color Confidence and Reduce Returns

Consumers often lack confidence when purchasing color-critical items, particularly online. A recent Invesp study shows that of the one-third return rate of online purchases, a costly 22% is due to dissatisfaction with product appearance. Color-Eye® can give consumers the assurance they need to shop online for color-critical items. This confidence boosts purchase satisfaction, increases sales, and reduces the likelihood of returns.

Color-Eye enables shoppers to use their smartphone and a color calibration card to measure the color of any item they want to match. These color readings will communicate with a retailer’s mobile shopping application and deliver matching or harmonizing products the retailer sells. Integration with the retailers’ apps will increase order size by connecting consumers with additional items. A numerical color reference catalog makes it easy to save colors and find matching products again in the future.

  • Boost consumer purchase satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce likelihood of returns
  • Integration with retailer mobile shopping apps drives consumers to download the app, increasing interaction and brand loyalty
  • Maintains measurement accuracy across all surface types and lighting conditions, even in the measurement of gloss and texture
  • Facilitates future product planning and the effectiveness of direct consumer marketing, through the collection of live demographic color trend data
  • Easily integrates into existing mobile apps, using an X-Rite Software Development Kit

Color-Eye draws on X-Rite’s more than 60 years of experience in the art and science of color, and builds on its work in developing color targets for photo and video that have become the de facto industry standard over the last 40 years. It is a solution that gives retailers the opportunity to build consumer trust and loyalty by enabling greater confidence in color-critical purchases, both online and in-store.