3M Certified Specialists

3M is a leader in new and innovative abrasive, adhesive, tape, safety and general MRO supplies.

Anderson & Vreeland®  has joined the elite ranks as a 3M Premier Service Distributor. As a 3M Premier Service Distributor, we receive notice of the newest 3M products - often before the rest of the market - and enjoy special promotions and unique offers. With extra lead time and direct access to the latest and greatest in 3M products and pricing, we are poised to help you keep your business on the cutting edge.

Our Certified Specialists receive unique product training at 3M headquarters and work closely with 3M’s local product experts. Our 3M Certified Specialists have access to online and field-based training as well as enhanced product information. These resources give us an understanding of the 3M product solutions you won’t find anywhere else.


Meet our TEAM of 3M Certified Specialists.


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