Not a Sexy Subject

Raise your hand if any of the following sounds even a little bit like the way you think: ✓ It’s OK for anilox rolls to be rode hard and put away wet because we use them every day, so ink...
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Flint and Corrugated Packaging in China

Flint Group Takes on the Chinese Corrugated Market With “Flexo Goes Green”. The Chinese market for corrugated products is enormous. China accounts for 25% of global corrugated production, according to the International Corrugated Case Association, outranking even the U.S. The...
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How Green is AVantage Liquid Photopolymer?

AVantage Liquid Photopolymer is green and efficient—and its popularity is growing. Liquid Photopolymer has come a long way since the days it was considered second fiddle to sheet photopolymer—and now it’s a environmentally sustainable platemaking product in high demand. But...
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Flexo Industry and Sustainability Best Practices

Sustainability and Printing As part of the supply chain for retail conglomerates and consumer good manufacturers, the flexo industry is taking steps towards adopting sustainability best practices in all aspects of production and operations. As consumer purchasing behavior continues to...
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