Tech Support

Letterpress Lives!

Letterpress may be one of the earliest forms of transferring ink to a substrate, but it is by no means obsolete. Yet at least one major vendor is dropping letterpress products from its catalog. We disagree. Anderson & Vreeland has...
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Two Solutions Solve Color Challenges

Over and over again, converters run into challenges with color. Yet while the challenges may seem unique to any one shop, a deeper knowledge, more expertise, and strong technical skills often yield solutions. And always, from color management to proofing...
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Leveraging Technical Smarts

No matter how well prepared you may be or how skilled your staff is, there can be times when things don’t quite go according to plan. So which resource do you call on when your internal team has run out...
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Taking Your Foot off the Hose

With 30 years of label printing experience behind him, Dave Nosker understands a few key subtleties of running a printing company. The first is to have equally good relationships with customers and vendors alike. “It’s always a two-way street and...
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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Just when you think everything is going according to plan, something goes sideways. There you are with a deadline looming or a big job due to come in in a couple of weeks, when you realize some of the technology...
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