Who Ya Gonna Call?

Just when you think everything is going according to plan, something goes sideways. There you are with a deadline looming or a big job due to come in in a couple of weeks, when you realize some of the technology...
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Why You Need Process Control

People like to talk about process control, but not everyone is willing to commit to implementing an effective process control program. So says Randy Carter, technologies specialist with flexography equipment, supplies and training company Anderson & Vreeland. Process control is...
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6 NEW Liquid Photopolymer Tech Tips

AVantage Liquid Photopolymer Technical Tips Last month we published a couple of Liquid Photopolymer Tech Tips. Last week 6 NEW Tech Tip were added to the A&V website. These Tech Tip’s were developed to help users understand best practices relating...
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Discover The Power of Liquid Photopolymer

AVantage® Liquid Photopolymer Resins Randy Reynolds, the AVantage® Businesses Development manager and Scott Murray, the AVantage® Technical Services Representative for Anderson & Vreeland review the steps and processes involved in the making of a AVantage® liquid photopolymer plate. Anderson &...
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Liquid Photopolymer – AVantage Tech Tip #2

Plate Processing Room Specifications for Liquid Photopolymer Processing liquid photopolymer plates requires a dust-free environment, similar to other photographic processes such as film development. The ideal room has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust and chemical vapors....
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Liquid Photopolymer – AVantage Tech Tip #1

Proper Storage Extends Plate Life of Liquid Photopolymer Proper storage of AVantage liquid photopolymer plates from Anderson & Vreeland will extend plate life and provide faster turnaround on orders that are refills of previously run jobs. Converters dread finding plates...
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