Flint Group Releases New WS-S Digital Plate

Special effects inks get the special treatment with Flint’s new nyloprint digital plate

A request from a security printer led to some innovation at Flint Group’s Flexographic Products division, and a new product: the WS-S Digital soft nyloprint plate. The WS-S Digital offers improved quality for special inks, particularly for special applications.

Flint Group, a Luxembourg-based global provider of inks, coatings, pigments and more for the printing and packaging industries, already offered a range of soft nyloprint plates, but saw the need to expand their range to respond to the needs of specialty printers. Their client helped test out the new product, and it worked so well that Flint decided to launch it into the broader marketplace.

“The WS-S Digital is a metal-backed letterpress plate which was developed by request for a security printer that prints fluorescent inks in a unique application which requires both a standard thin plate thickness and a very soft polymer layer,” says Peter J. Fronczkiewic, product manager at Flint Group Flexographic Products in Charlotte, NC. “Based on their success with this plate in this process and the long run life they experienced, it was decided to introduce this plate type to our standard nyloprint® portfolio for 2013.”

Digital Plate

Some of the WS-S Digital Features are:

1. High resolution up to 10 160 dpi;

2. Robust enough for long/extensive print runs;

3. Captures fine print details;

4. Improved solid ink density;

5. Environmentally-sensitive—the plates are water washable;

6. Standard 0.73 mm (0.029 in) thickness available, and more by request.

7. Easier handling because there are no chemicals required.

The WS-S Digital soft nyloprint plate works with rotary letterpresses, imprinting units and printing presses for special applications, and UV and oil-based inks.

“In situations where high solid ink density or heavy coating weights are required, we see this soft polymer plate as having the perfect fit,” says Fronczkiewic. “And as a digital plate offering, all the advantages of this process are also captured – excellent repeatability, capable of holding finer image elements, elimination of films, chemistry and dust defects.”

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