avantage liquid photopolymer

Is Liquid Photopolymer Right for You?

A review of Anderson & Vreeland’s AVantage line of liquid photopolymer resins.

Last year, Anderson & Vreeland released its AVantage line of liquid photopolymer resins, aiming for the flexographic trade shops, in-house converters and molding operations markets.

A&V decided to release this product line after assessing its customers’ needs, and evaluating the advantages of being an OEM, instead of simply a distributor, says Randy Reynolds, AVantage Business Manager.

avantage liquid photopolymer

AVantage™ Liquid Photopolymer Plate

“A&V leadership made the decision to get into this marketplace more from an OEM position, as opposed to a distributor in an effort to differentiate us from our competitors,” says Reynolds. “This was based upon the needs of our customers in terms of diversification or additional choices and options in OEM’s of liquid photopolymer resins and consumables. As a result of this direction, we have firmly positioned ourselves as a leader in the fulfillment of this and many other products and services to the flexo printing industry.”


How-to-use liquid photopolymer:

4 New solutions for your flexographic printing needs

AV currently has four AVantage Liquid Photopolymer products for use with molding, corrugated surfaces, stamps, and bag applications. AVantage® Liquid Photopolymers were developed to meet the stringent demands of flexographic printing. These liquid photopolymer resins are formulated to deliver optimum elasticity, resilience, hardness and ink transfer. Here’s an overview of each product’s features and uses.

AVMaster liquid photolymer1. AVMaster

Use for: Molding applications. The Molding Industry’s premier master material was designed to meet the increasing demands of the molding industry for improved print quality and consistency while controlling costs and reducing environmental impact.

What it is: A 80/90 Shore A durometer plate


• Highly resilient & durable
• Good for fine details
• Low tack plate
• UV, heat, & humidity stable
• Environmentally friendly

For more info, go to the AVMolding page.


AV Bag liquid photolymer2. AVBag

Use for: Multi-wall bag & poly bag applications. Ideal for the multi-wall bag industry. Provides excellent print results on both paper and poly bags.

What it is: A 55 Shore A durometer plate


• Can be used with most water- and glycol-based inks
• Durable
• Ready in less than an hour
• Economical
• Easy to mount and easy to store

For more info, go to the AVBag page.


AV Stamp liquid photolymer3. AVStamp

Use for: Craft, hobby & scrapbook markets. The perfect solution for stamps where consistent and crisp ink transfer is needed. The clarity and overall UV stability with this resin is unmatched in the industry today.

What it is: A 50 Shore A durometer plate


• Can be used with most water- and glycol-based inks
• Non-yellowing
• Wide imaging latitude
• Environmentally friendly
• Medium tack

For more information, go to the AVStamp page.


AV Corrugated liquid photolymer4. AVCorrugated

Use for: Corrugated applications. Highly resilient, durable plate that provides excellent ink transfer. Available in Clear or Red.

What it is: A 25 or 34 Shore A durometer plate


• Low tack & runs clean on press
• Durable
• Can be used with most water- and glycol-based inks
• Excellent ink transfer

For more information, go to the AVCorrugated page.

AV Liquid Photopolymer Ancillery itemsAncillary Items:

AV has also come out with a series of supplemental products to complement the AVantage® Liquid Photopolymer line, including:
1. Matte and clear cover film;
2. Washout solution;
3. Plate substrates:
4. Post exposure salt;
5. Liquid developer;
6. Defoamer.

Learn about all the of Liquid Photopolymer Ancillary Items here.


To learn more about using AVantage® Liquid Lhotopolymers in your pressroom or speak to an expert today, head over to the Tech Tips page.

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