nyloprint® Printing Plates spot-on performance

nyloprint® printing plates – the perfect master for a work of art. As varied as the requirements are today, as comprehensive the nyloprint® product range is to provide every opportunity.

XSYS offers water-washable and alcohol-washable nyloprint® plates as well as a plate for laser direct engraving. Depending on your application, choose between foil-based and metal-based plates. All photopolymer plates are available in different thicknesses and formats.

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Label printing

Many labels are real works of art − this results in high demands on printing. In order to meet these requirements, a wide range of nyloprint® letterpress plates is offered.

Whether on film or metal base – nyloprint® letterpress printing plates cope with every design.

  • High print contrast with an exceptional tonal range
  • Brilliant halftone gradations
  • Very high resolution – up to 10 000 dpi
  • Excellent ink transfer
  • Very good durability for long print runs
  • Reliably reusable for repeat orders

Film based plates for rotary letterpress:

Metal based plates for rotary, semi-rotary and flatbed letterpress:

Tubes, cups and cans printing

The demand for more complex designs on packaging continues to increase. With the nyloprint® product range for tubes, cups and cans it is possible to meet these challenges − the finest details are easily achieved. Whether printing on plastic or metal, the nyloprint® range offers a specialist solution.

Due to a wide exposure latitude and high resolution of nyloprint® letterpress plates, fine lines and type can be printed to perfection on tubes, cups and cans. With a good and homogeneous ink transfer, solids, line work and halftones look absolutely brilliant. The nyloprint® printing plates have the ability to print several million impressions easily.

Plates for tubes, cups and cans printing

Pad printing

On plastics, glass, porcelain, enamel or ceramics – with nyloprint® pad printing plates designs and fine type can be transferred most precisely on nearly all substrates and geometric shapes. Excellent detail reproduction, easy and fast plate processing are the outstanding attributes.

Due to the high abrasion resistance of the photopolymer plates nyloprint® WSA and nyloprint® ST can perform long print runs that are otherwise only achieved by using steel gravure plates. The extremely high resolution (up to 10000 dpi) and wide tonal range enable the production of top quality printed products.

Short and medium print runs

Long print runs and highest quality requirements

Security Printing

In security printing, e.g. for banknotes, passports or stamps, several different print processes are used for the production of one product. nyloprint® plates make a valuable contribution throughout.

Printing of micro text and guilloche patterns require the highest possible precision. With a resolution of up to 10000 dpi, nyloprint® plates are utilised for these extreme requirements.

Direct and indirect letterpress

nyloprint® WS
nyloprint® WS Digital
nyloprint® WS-W
nyloprint® WS-W Digital
nyloprint® S
nyloprint® WS-S Digital

nyloprint® stencil plates are used for inking-up the impression cylinder in intaglio printing presses. These plates have been developed after many years of experience in security printing and in close cooperation with customers.

Stencil plates

nyloprint® WS 225
nyloprint® WS 230 S
nyloprint® WS 230 S Digital

nyloprint® intaglio master plates – in intaglio printing the nyloprint® gravure printing plate acts as the master form used in the galvanic processing of the actual printing plate. These plates make it possible to manufacture a complete form in one step, much quicker and easier than with previous processing methods. Many intermediate steps in the galvanic processing are no longer required thus reducing the chance of error.

Intaglio master plates

nyloprint® WSA
nyloprint® WSA Digital
nyloprint® ST

Security printing – a matter of trust. Highest precision and reproducible quality are the basic requirements for security printing – nyloprint® stands for this.

Coating plates

Embossing and hot moulding

Embossing is one of the most sophisticated and effective print finishing techniques. It accentuates the details of the design, sets them apart from the background and creates a true eye-catching result.

Blind embossing – female die

nyloprint® WS
nyloprint® WA

Blind embossing – male die

nyloprint® WF-H
nyloprint® WF-Q

Due to the heat resistance properties (up to 130 °C / 266 °F), the metal-based plates nyloprint® WA 210, nyloprint® WA 240, nyloprint® WS 152 and nyloprint® WS 175 are ideally suited for hot moulding to produce rubber clichés plates.

Hot foil stamping

nyloprint® WA 210
nyloprint® WA 240
nyloprint® WS 152
nyloprint® WS 175