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Ink Filtration

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powerwise ink filtrationPowerwise offers a variety of filtration units. The most popular is the 1099 nylon coated in-line filter. This unit can be used with all models in the Powerwise range. For diaphragm and peristaltic pumps a filter mounting bracket is recommended.

The filter has a recleanable stainless steel basket sold in a variety of mesh sizes. The flow pattern is in from the bottom and out through the side; the convoluted mesh allows a greater surface area for filtration. Quick connectors are recommended for removal of the filter from the line for cleaning.

powerwise ink filtrationMagnets have become a great asset for the printer and many an anilox roll has been saved from damage by a magnet suspended directly in the ink flow from the top scoop of the filter. The rare earth magnet we use is a grade 38 MGO magnetic ring. A cleaning sleeve for the magnet is standard.

Other filters in stock are small in-line Y strainer’s (with or without magnet.) for narrow web printers. We also supply return line strainers, intake strainers for siphon tubes and magnet assemblies for hanging in the ink containers.

3/4 Inline Filter Model 1099

Filter 1099
Ink Filter

Inline Ink Filter.
Standard specification includes, Nylon Coating, Rare Earth Magnets,
Stainless Steel 60 mesh basket and scoops and a cork/neoprene gasket.
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Mesh to Micron Information (Link)

Changing the Gasket on a model 1099 Ink Filter
Cleaning the basket on a model 1099 Ink Filter

3/4 Inline Filter/Supressor Model 1099S

Ink Filter 1099S
Surge Suppressor/Filter

The inherent characteristic of double diaphragm pumps is that they pulse
causing surges in the flow of the ink. These surges can cause difficulty
because the flow is inconsistent. Furthermore they can cause problems
with doctor blades lifting from the roller. The surge suppressor when fitted to the discharge side of the pump can eliminate the eratic flow.

This unit also comes with a mesh basket and rare earth magnets. Therefore it filters the ink and removes ferrous particles.

Optional Surge Suppressor Mounting Bracket

Magnet Options (Link)

Mesh to Micron Information (Link)

Using the Surge Suppressor

Y Type Filters

Ink Filter Y99075M
Y Type Strainer

3/4″ Inline Ink Filter. Suitable for small pumps.
Polypopylene molded suitable for water and solvent based inks.
EPDM Gaskets, NPT 3/4″ Female Threads. Pressure rated to 75 PSI Max.
Mounts on pump discharge tube. See Picture to the left.

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There are other sizes avaialble on request.

Magnet Options (Link)
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Return Line Filters

Ink Filter 1027
Return Line Strainer

Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer designed to eliminate large particles coming back from the press.
Ideal for catching fibres, paperboard or anything that is in the returning ink. Excellent pump protection and to stop the contaminate from being pumped back to the press.

More Pictures of this Filter

Picture of the strainer clipped to the bucket
Picture of the tubing through the return line hole into the strainer

The model 1027REM is fitted with a rare earth magnet and cleaning cover.
Picture of the removable top hat cover to easily discard metal particles
This helps eliminate metal particles getting back into the ink and consequently damaging the doctor blades
More Magnet Information (Link)

Dimensions (Link)

Mesh to Micron Information (Link)

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powerwise ink filtrationThe Powerwise In-Line Filter system is suitable for Flexographic and Gravure printing. It is designed to remove dirt, dried ink particles, paper pulp, metal fragments and other such particles to prevent Anilox roll damage and improve print quality. The filter body is NYLON Coated for easy cleaning and is complete with a re-cleanable stainless steel basket, a rare earth magnet and cleaning sleeve as standard.
Seven Basket sizes are available: 14,30,60,100,120,150 and 200.

Powerwise can provide the printer with a full line of precision molded Polypropylene Y strainers from 1/2″ inlet (12.7 mm) up to 1 1/4″ (32mm) each sold with 20, 40 or 80 mesh stainless steel baskets and an optional rare earth magnet. They can be fitted in-line and are ideal for diaphragm or peristaltic pump users.

For maximum filtration us the Powerwise return line strainer with or with a magnet. (Powerwise can design and make any size and shape return line strainer to give you the maximum filtration for your system.)

Narrow Web Lo-Flow Pumps

A versatile range of electric and air pumps are supplied by Powerwise for Narrow web presses.

Centrifugal: choice of NYLON coated column or Lo-Fugal three rod design featuring all stainless steel components and hardware; stainless steel lids; Polypropylene ink pails, 2 gallon (8 liters) or 3 gallon (12 liters) and mild steel.
Diaphragm Pumps: 1/4″ (6.25mm) and 3/8″ (9.52mm), compact design with non-stall warranty.
Peristaltic, air and electric: Feature a variety of tube types for different inks, varnishes and adhesives.
5 gallon extended Lo-Fugal pumps


  • By-pass System
  • Stainless steel pails
  • Y strainers and magnets