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Color Tools So Versatile That Your Creativity is Free to Expand in Every Direction

The Plus Series expands the Pantone Color Matching System with 224 new solid colors to give their best-selling Formula Guide, Color Bridge and Chips Books an unprecedented 1,341 solid colors.

While designers will rejoice in this increased range of expression, printers can breathe easy-all of the 224 new solid colors in The Plus Series are created using the existing 14 Basic Color Inks of the Pantone Matching System. That means that printers can reproduce all 224 new colors easily, accurately and consistently, without any training or new equipment.

Features & Benefits of the Pantone Plus Series

The Basics

  • The PLUS SERIES preserves all of the current colors of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® – which it replaces– while adding a host of contemporary colors, for greater design flexibility.
  • Exciting new PLUS SERIES features foster creativity and quality.
  • No new equipment or training is necessary to begin using the PLUS SERIES Color system. Designers, prepress professionals and printers need only purchase new PLUS SERIES Color Guides and Books to get started.
  • All of the new PLUS SERIES Solid Colors are printed using the existing 14 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Basic Color Inks.
  • The new solid colors are printed at uniform ink film thicknesses, making them easier to match on press.

New Colors

  • 224 new market-proven solid colors in our new FORMULA GUIDE, SOLID CHIPS and COLOR BRIDGE® Guides (1,371 total solid colors).
  • New PREMIUM METALLICS Guide and CHIPS with 300 dazzling metallic colors.
  • 42 hot new neons (56 neons total) in our new PASTELS & NEONS Guide and CHIPS.

New Chromatic Arrangement

  • Fan guides and chip books have been arranged chromatically for more
    intuitive color selection.
  • Index included to aid in color location.

New Tools

  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, for updating PANTONE Colors in all leading design applications (Adobe, Quark, Corel) – included with any PLUS SERIES purchase.
  • ColorChecker® lighting indicator, included in every guide, to aid in finding proper lighting conditions for color evaluation.
  • ColorChecker Primer included in COLOR BRIDGE guides, for digital photography image color correction.

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