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Industry-Leading Digital Color Management

MeasureColorMeasureColor is a recognized leader in the measurement and evaluation of all types of materials needing accurate color control. They include experts in color measurement, including quality control and color formulation, starting with conception through final customer acceptance. They also specialize in the IT of color communications, helping multi-national corporations to design and implement hardware and software solutions to meet their needs.

In early 2009, MeasureColor realized that there was a tremendous need for a dedicated software solution to the age-old problem of color control. While there were many packages that had pieces of the solution, none of them offered solutions to all the industry’s demands. Working with some of the smartest color minds in the world, they have developed the MeasureColor Suite of programs. From concept, to proof, to production, to happy consumers, MeasureColor will help you meet and exceed your customer’s requirements.

Basics of MeasureColor

Color management workflow software

What is MeasureColor Color Management Workflow?

MeasureColor software features advanced color technologies to help you meet your customer’s required print quality. It is the first product to successfully calculate the dry back effect of inks on paper and give you clear guidance how to properly correct color using our industry leading ChromaPlus Technology.

MeasureColor is a fully database driven system where every user automatically works with the common color standard information including references, spot colors, jobs, and tolerances. There are no separate files to load or save nor is there the need for exchanging data between multiple third party applications. Everything is automatically stored on your server and managed by you. The quality information is therefore available to all users of the system, anytime, anywhere.

Why use software to analyze color measurements?

A good color management program is vital for the correct presentation and production of the colors demanded by your customers. In practice, many things can and do go wrong in the communication of the required colors beginning with the customer, through to the designer and finally, with the printer. Many times, brand owners and designers are disappointed with the quality of the colors of the final product and are surprised that the colors of various printing systems do not match.

To avoid these types of problems, it is very important that everyone involved uses the same language and can understand the same digital information. The implementation of standards for everyone involved and the use of spectral measurement devices and software is mandatory. To be a certified ISO or G7 company, all standards, procedures and conditions must be properly implemented, tested and maintained.

Why use MeasureColor to meet Color Management needs?

MeasureColor is a powerful local and Internet based color management system for use in any graphics environment for color quality control and improvement of color communication between companies. Logging on from any computer with network or Internet access, you are able to manage settings, measure, and analyze results and conditions all within one system. With MeasureColor, you can also have full control and ownership of your data as it resides on your computers. This provides the piece of mind that your data is only being used by your employees for the benefit of increased print quality and customer satisfaction. Let us show you how MeasureColor can solve your color concerns today.

MeasureColor is your central color Quality Control system

MeasureColor is a database driven color management system that connects all aspects of the graphic arts production workflow. By centrally collecting and analyzing measurement data, quality control issues can quickly be discovered and corrected before becoming costly wasted materials.

MeasureColor Internet Server

For the exchange of all kinds of information on standards, ink, paper, color strips and tolerances, you can also connect to private MeasureColor Internet Servers. All MeasureColor users can also go online to update their system, download files or libraries, and stay up-to-date on new features.

MeasureColor System Configurations

MeasureColor is a client-server based application which can be configured in three ways:


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