RonI 12120 Series Squeeze-O-Turn

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12120-series-squeeze-o-turnThe Squeeze-O-Turn combines the Lift- O-Turn and Lift-O-Squeeze components to create a product that assists in providing load handling for lifting and rotating rolls, barrels, drums, buckets and boxes. The Squeeze-O-Turn mounts to standard LIFT-O-FLEX Lifters and is powered by the Electronic Power Pack.

The Squeeze-O-Turn is easy to configure and adapts to different loads. It is also simple to use and is designed to not damage product(s). The Squeeze-OTurn comes standard with a 12” stroke. An optional 20” stroke is available. The squeeze arms can be mechanically adjusted to fit larger or smaller loads.

Product handling is accomplished with a gentle, controllable force with the Squeeze-O-Turn arms holding the product(s) in place during lifting, transport and rotation. Operation of the unit is simple and easy using the controls mounted on the lift mast.

Features and Technical Data:

  • Rotation Left or Right
    • Operator controlled via variable speed joystick to assist in pouring and positioning of the product(s). The rotator also provides continuous rotation in either direction.
  • Squeeze
    • Depress the “Squeeze” pushbutton control
    • Squeeze stops movement based on squeeze pressure preset at the factory
  • Release
    • Depress the “Release” pushbutton and the “Inhibit” pushbutton simultaneously
  • Vertical to Horizontal Applications
    • Pick product from pallets, floor, shelving etc, rotate 90, 180 degrees for proper orientation for machine interface


  • Stroke Size: Standard 12″
  • Optional Stroke Available:20″
  • Load Capacities:300 lbs or more

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