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Digital Cutting Software

Material database

Zünd Cut CenterA comprehensive material database constitutes the core of the Zünd Cut Center software. It includes a multitude of materials in various thicknesses, as well as the recommended processing methods and parameters associated with each of them. All suggested methods and parameters are based on extensive testing performed by the Zünd R&D department.

Cut Time Estimation

The Cut Queue calculates an estimated processing time in each phase of production. Once a job is completed, the actual production time is saved along with the cut data. You can export this information anytime for invoicing purposes or for planning repeat orders.

Zünd Cut Center


Job statistics are automatically saved and contain a detailed break-down of the time it took to produce the job. This information can be used for invoicing or for planning the production of repeat orders.


ZCC integrates seamlessly in the Print&Cut workflow. With a standard link to Caldera CostView, for example, you never lose track of your production costs.

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