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Zund g3 Digital Cutter

Zünd cutting systems are based on a design concept that lends them greater flexibility and adaptability than any others on the market can offer. Uniquely modular, the cutters can be cost-effectively configured and upgraded to meet ever-changing cutting needs. This contributes to an exceptionally high ROI and helps Zünd cutters retain their value for many years.

Modular design concept

Zünd‘s modular tool and material-handling systems make it easy to tailor your G3 cutting system to specific cutting needs. Define your production requirements, and select the building blocks that will make up the perfect configuration for you. Additions and upgrades are possible any time.

Return on investment

Innovative technology and superior manufacturing are guaranteed to result in reliability and low maintenance costs. Because of their modular design, G3 cutting systems can adapt to ever-changing needs and retain their value exceptionally well.
Zund G3 Digital Cutter

Cut quality and precision

Zünd G3 cutting systems excel in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality. This is the result of a perfect symbiosis between intelligent control technology and precision mechanics.

Industrial use

With the technology and build designed for high volume production, the G3 flatbed cutter is uniquely qualified for industrial use and multi-shift, 24/7 operation. A worldwide service network ensures the availability of spare parts at any time.

Efficient material hold-down

Energy-efficient, adjustable vacuum generators provide optimal material hold-down. No longer do you have to worry about materials moving during processing. And besides the perfect cut quality, you will no doubt enjoy the reduced power consumption.


The unsurpassed productivity of the G3 cutter series stems from the use of intelligent control technology, robust system components, and sophisticated tooling. Perfectly coordinated, all system components are guaranteed to optimize your production workflow.

One Machine, Countless FunctionsZund G3 Tool

  • Cutting Tools
  • Oscillating Tools
  • Rotary Tools
  • Creasing Tools
  • Braille Tools
  • Drawing Tools

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