Stickyback, Mounting and Splicing Tape

Anderson & Vreeland is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of plate mounting, stickyback tape, and splicing tapes from state-of-the-art manufacturers including 3M, Adheso, Tesa, Harley, and Rogers. These tapes are available in a wide choice of adhesive formulations, foam densities, and tape thicknesses for your specific applications.

Your Source for Stickyback

Anderson & Vreeland provides more stickyback tape to flexo printers than the next 3 distributors combined, thanks to our expertise in the flexography industry. Our specialists are able to recommend the appropriate tape for any press application.

Considerations for Flexo Tape Selection

  • Foam Density / Durometer
  • Plate Material
  • Tape Thickness

The A&V Difference: we have a team of tape specialists, available by phone or even in person, prepared to help you evaluate your workflow’s tape needs. The value provided by their years of experience, and our selection, are unmatched.

Our Flexo Tapes, Foam Tape, and Filament Tape Brands:


3M can come in to partner to drive results. Our tapes provide outstanding quality from every angle with the 3M™ Print Quality Advantage.


tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical self-adhesive tapes for the paper, printing, and flexible packaging printing industries. Choose from double-sided adhesive tapes for flying splices, printing...
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Roger’s open-cell urethane R/bak® cushion mounting foams and Rogers Tapes are just what printers worldwide rely on for shock absorption, cushioning, compressibility, improved registration and reduced dot gain. R/bak® Cushion...
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Filament and Strapping Tapes

Filament and Strapping Tapes are High-strength, reliable and affordable solutions for product and package integrity. For closing boxes, stabilizing pallets, bundling and reinforcing, securing appliance components during transport and easy-open tear...
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A&V Tape Carousel

Organize, store and conveniently access plate mounting tape at your fingertips with an A&V tape carousel. The 6-roll tape carousel can be used for large rolls (floor style) or set...
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Adheso-Graphics Tapes

Adheso-Graphics plate mounting “stickyback” tapes have been used by flexo printers for over 35 years. Established in 1967, Adheso was among the first to pioneer Double Coated Mounting tapes and...
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