The Future of Packaging

The Future of Packaging

A number of packaging reports have just been released with predictions on the health and growth of a variety of packaging types. Here’s a look at a few areas, their predicted growth and growth drivers that could determine the future of packaging.


1. Pharma Packaging

The report: Global And U.S. Pharmaceutical Packaging (Plastic Bottles, Parental Containers, Blister, Closures, Labels and Others) Market for Manufacturing and Contract Packaging – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018


* Global packaging will be a $73.04 billion market by 2018

* Packaging innovations that address security, quality and “visual appeal” predicted to be a major driver in pharmaceutical packaging market growth

* Asia Pacific is expected to be the fasted growing market, reaching $20.63 billion

* Also look to China, India and Brazil to become high growth markets

* Increased and more stringent regulations by governing and trade bodies, like the Food and Drug Administration and the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council will increase the need for more and improved packaging


2. Beverage Packaging

The Report: Beverage Packaging Market By Beverage Types (Non – Alcoholic, Alcoholic & Dairy), Packaging Types (Bottle, Can, Pouch, Carton, Draught, Bulk & Others), Material (Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE, Metal, Paper – Board & Others) – Global Trends & Forecast To 2018


* $125.7 billion market by 2018

* Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage markets are prime elements in the growth of this packaging segment

* Asia-Pacific and eastern Europe are the two biggest growing markets

*  Dairy and alcoholic segments predicted to see the largest growth

* Overall, the beverage market has reached a saturation point, which effects the beverage packing market

* Plastics still dominate the market, followed by PET, and paper and board a distant third


3. Food Packaging

The Report: Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging to 2017


* U.S. market will be $9.5 billion by 2017

* Convenience-size and individual serving products will be a major contributor to growth

* Also contributing to market growth will be packaging that helps prolong product life

* Pouches and high barrier film will gain over rigid packaging

* Pouches will grow in popularity because of their ease-of-storage, aesthetics and the branding opportunities they offer

* Plastic trays and containers will be the faster growing packaging products in the rigid segment

* Flexible packaging will be the main competition for plastics due to being more environmentally friendly, plus less expensive to ship

* Ready-to-eat products will see the biggest increase because of the expansion of prepared foods on the market


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