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New Packaging Innovations to Keep Brands Fresh

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It comes as no surprise that packaging is key to getting consumers to buy products, from branding, colors, design, and, more and more these days, the actual physical qualities of the package. Brand owners and packaging innovators are looking for new package solutions that will do double- or triple-duty when it comes to catching consumers’ attention, being a financially viable product to manufacture, and being environmentally sustainable. No small order, but there are new ideas coming to the market that are taking packing to new levels.

According to a recent article in Consumer Reports, “manufacturers spend $150 billion a year on packaging,” and consumers, for their part, might be willing to fork over more cash for a product with packaging that makes their life a little bit easier.

Take a look at the 10 products Consumer Reports examined, and then check out these five innovations that might become the next big packaging thing:

  1. Nets for produce: A new plastic netting for fruits, vegetables, and seafood, that looks and performs like convention netting but is actually recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  2. The Cartocan: A cylindrical cardboard “can” that affords its contents 12 months of shelf life out of the fridge. It’s also recyclable and made from 50% renewable materials and is lighter than glass or aluminum, meaning lower shipping costs.
  3. Potato Case: A new way to chill the champagne: Veuve Clicquot has created Naturally Clicquot, a case made from potatoes and paper. The case can keep a bottle chilled for up to 2 hours after it’s been removed from a fridge, and the case itself is recyclable.
  4. Preserving produce film: Viridiflex is a film that helps preserve food products. It’s made from 84% biobased materials, and works by keeping the produce dry by absorbing moisture and also keeps the best oxygen levels for the package contents.
  5. Tissue boxes that double as night lights: Global Tissue Group has just released a glow-in-the-dark tissue box, DreamSoft, that, according to the company, will give off a gentle glow for hours thereby, claims the company, saving on electric costs.

With packaging innovations and products such as these, its no small wonder what the packaging industry will look like in the coming decade.

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