Unique Packaging Designs

6 (+31) Unique Packaging Designs


We’re all used to generic bottles, boxes, cans and pouches on store shelves so it’s nice to see some examples of designs that really stand out, either because they’re re-imagining a conventional container or creating something new and great, like a new package for eggs, or to-go pizza slice holders. Here are 6 recent food packaging ideas from SpinBet casino experts that are designed to make you do a double-take.

1. Yogurt (for men): While it’s arguable whether men actually need their own yogurt brand, Danone has come up with a package they hope will speak to the male mind: a sleek, black container with minimal graphics and a strong typeface, directed to “the masculine need for clear structures.” Danone Men was launched in Bulgaria in 2013 and is being rolled out in other markets. If nothing else, the design is an eye-catcher and will stand out from competing yogurt products.

2. Scotch Whiskey: The whiskey market in the States gets more crowded every year, and brands need to find a way to stand out on the back bar. Although this example of interesting packaging, John Walker & Sons Odyssey Blended Scotch Whisky, probably won’t be available at your local. At $1,100 for a 750ml bottle, this whiskey is a premium product that needed packaging that would reflect its luxe contents. The crystal bottle, “inspired by a gyroscope,” is a modern version of the 1932 nautical-influenced decanter for Johnnie Walker® Swing® Blended Scotch Whisky.

3. Water Enhancer: Water enhancers—concentrated flavorings to add to plain water—are having a moment. SweetLeaf Stevia Sweeteners’ entrant into this market comes in a teardrop-shaped dispenser, designed to be comfortably held in the palm of your hand.

4. Egg Cartons: Egg cartons haven’t changed much in recent times (or ever), but this prototype carton wins for style and substance. The designer wanted a design that would use fewer materials while still keeping the eggs safe. The top flips down to access the eggs.

5. Smoothie Ingredients: Another student prototype is this packaging for smoothie ingredients. There are six sections, each with its own ingredient, and the packages are designed to look like fruit segments.

6. Pizza Box: Here’s a pizza take-out box that makes eating pizza on the go even easier. There’s an insert in the box that converts into a slice holder, complete with handle. No more sloppy pizza and greasy fingers.

And here’s more: 31 examples of great food packaging design, (most still prototypes, unfortunately), like a mini-serve container of butter that comes with a built-in knife, a container for microwavable popcorn that unfolds into a bowl once it’s popped, and a disposable spoon for take-out beverages that comes pre-loaded with creamer in the handle. Hopefully, some of these designs will show up in stores soon.

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