Flint Group Flexographic Products Adds New Plate to The Portfolio



New flexo printing plate nyloflex® ACE UP Digital for outstanding printing quality and efficiency, especially with water-based inks.


Flint Group Flexographic Products adds new plate to the portfolio New flexo printing plate nyloflex® ACE UP Digital for outstanding printing quality and efficiency, especially with water-based inks

During the past years, the demands for a flexo printing plate have changed significantly; the plates have to be more and more specialised and adapted to the substrate as well as inks. Flint Group Flexographic Products meets these requirements by introducing the high durometer flexographic printing plate, nyloflex® ACE UP Digital. The new plate is specially designed for use with water-based inks in corrugated preprint and aseptic packaging printing, and it’s also suitable for UV flexo printing.

Extensive field tests have demonstrated that the new printing plate provides a superior printing quality. The excellent ink transfer, especially on paper and rough substrates results in high ink density and homogenous, smooth solids. Defined highlight areas, text and line work, as well as barcodes, are sharply defined. The plate displays a long run life and stability in printing, which results in a significantly increased efficiency. The low surface tack ensures a reduced attraction of paper dust and dirt, enhancing productivity and durability of the plate. It also allows stacking of the clichés without interleaves, thus further improving the storage properties.

The new digital photopolymer printing plate, nyloflex® ACE UP Digital will be available to the market by the middle of February 2014.

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