Liquid Photopolymer

Letterpress Lives!

Letterpress may be one of the earliest forms of transferring ink to a substrate, but it is by no means obsolete. Yet at least one major vendor is dropping letterpress products from its catalog. We disagree. Anderson & Vreeland has...
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Leveraging Technical Smarts

No matter how well prepared you may be or how skilled your staff is, there can be times when things don’t quite go according to plan. So which resource do you call on when your internal team has run out...
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Introducing AVantage Capping Resin

AVantage® Capping Resin (AVCAP) is designed for use with softer-base AVantage® liquid photopolymers to produce capped printing plates that dramatically improve print quality and performance. AVCAP is formulated for multi-wall, folding carton, corrugated applications and wide web applications. The addition of AVCAP during the...
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AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer

Anderson & Vreeland’s AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer is a niche product with a lot of benefits. AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer is a specially formulated resin for the molding industry, used for rubber plate making molds. Great for very bold and signage work,...
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Is Liquid Photopolymer Right for You?

A review of Anderson & Vreeland’s AVantage line of liquid photopolymer resins. Last year, Anderson & Vreeland released its AVantage line of liquid photopolymer resins, aiming for the flexographic trade shops, in-house converters and molding operations markets. A&V decided to...
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