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A Partnership that Spans the Marketplace

Successful label and package printing require a synergy of relationships, products, and services. Together, these three elements create a system from which print providers can draw an array of resources that can help them produce exceptional work that delights customers and ensures profitability. Those resources, in turn, are the result of partnerships that strive to ensure every customer has access to the best possible tools and supplies to satisfy every customer requirement.

The close partnership between Anderson & Vreeland and Flint Group, for example, provides a range of complementary products that span the flexo market from pre-press through post-press. The latest part of this alignment is Anderson & Vreeland being named exclusive North American distributor of Flint’s nyloprint® plate material. The entire nyloprint product range is water- and alcohol-washable and available in multiple thicknesses and formats. Applications span plates for labels; tubes, cups, and cans; embossing, hot molding, and security and pad printing.

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For Anderson & Vreeland, the nyloprint line is a natural addition to Flint’s nyloflex® line it already distributes to customers throughout North America. “Distributing nyloprint enables us to respond to almost any customer need,” says Darin Lyon, President & CEO of Anderson & Vreeland. “Combined with some of our software partners, we now cover the market from pre-press to post-press.

This aligns perfectly with Flint’s strategy. “We look at printing as a system,” explains Jim Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of Flint’s Flexographic Division. “We look at the interactions between inks and plate materials and substrates to optimize the performance of the entire print process.

Customers win when they leverage the relationship between the teams from Anderson and Vreeland and Flint Group and the products we bring to the market,” adds Mr. Lyon. “This is all upside for print providers because they can draw on expertise from both companies to ensure every label, flexible package or corrugated container they produce will delight their customers and keep them coming back.

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