Color Management

Color Management Workflow Solutions for Flexo

Color management is important to the entire supply chain. For the brand owner, color is a primary asset because consumers will associate color with brands. These colors must be consistent store-to-store and item-to-item to properly convey the message of product consistency. Designers choose bright vibrant colors to make their products stand out at the point of sale. Printers need to be able to hit these colors on press quickly, and have a solid benchmark target to ensure product approval.

The concept of “Color Management Workflow” in printing has been around for many years. The ability to accurately predict color on press has come a long way and continues to improve as process control is implemented throughout production. The development of new technologies such as pre-press digital workflows, sophisticated software tools, laser imaging of plates and sleeves, and the adoption of expanded gamut has increased product quality and consistency allowing for more predictable press output.

Anderson & Vreeland offers state-of-the-art color management systems specifically designed for flexo from leading-edge companies including MeasureColor, ORIS, and GMG.

MeasureColor Logo
Measure Color is a database driven system that evaluates color information (process and spot) taken press-side. Measure Color will evaluate the Delta E from a color target, and notify the operator if the existing condition can meet the desired target by making density modifications. Measure Color will also store job information and provide Scorecard results for the duration of the run. By centrally collecting and analyzing measurement data, quality control issues can quickly be discovered, corrected, and documented before becoming costly wasted materials.

CGS Oris
CGS ORIS color management solutions form a suite of software tools that set worldwide standards in terms of color precision and repeatability for any printing system.

ORIS Flex Pack // Web provides you with the maximum flexibility for mock-ups and pre-press proofing with the very best in color accuracy. The system is a set of products including a Roland EcoSolvent printer, CGS Oris front-end color management software, expanded gamut ink-set, and specialty media. One of the most unique abilities of this system is the printable transfer media, allowing the operator to laminate the proof directly to almost any substrate including flexible films and foils.

ORIS CxF Toolbox converts measured CGATS data from any instrument to CxF data. Any PDFx file can be analyzed with CxF Toolbox to extract the CxF data for tone value increase aims, colorimetry, tolerances and more.

ORIS CxF Designer uses already created CxF files and imports them directly into the Adobe design software swatch library. Designers no longer need to wait for the perfect color to be created, what is used on screen can be sent directly with the final PDF.

GMG Color Management offers top of the line products for controlling color from the proof to the press.

GMG ColorProof is the foremost professional solution for the production of digital contract proofs and is used wherever accurate, reliable and consistent color management is needed.

GMG FlexoProof software is specifically tailored to the substrates and printing characteristics of flexo, offset, gravure and digital printing processes. This software builds off of the ColorProof package and allows background simulation of specialty substrates and highly color accurate dot proof creation.

GMG OpenColor helps achieve significant optimization of the entire package printing process. Proofs can accurately represent process and spot colors, as well as simulate complex overprinting behavior. Also unique to OpenColor, the color charts are completely customizable, allowing the user to start profiling with a smaller number of patches instead of 1600+.

A&V has a great selection of color management products to choose from. Which is best for your specific application? We can answer that question and provide additional assistance with training and support. Contact your A&V technical sales representative or email