Converting to AVDELUXEWASH

Technical Instructions

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    1. In order to convert from the existing soap to the new AVDELUXEWASH, the processing unit must be cleaned, drained, and flushed. Remove any residual polymer left in the tank or brush before refilling with water.
    2. Once clean, add water back to the unit and add AVDELUXEWASH using the following dosage instructions:


    1. For 25×30” systems utilizing a Whirl-A-Way:
      1. Add 5 ½ cups for the entire system.
    2. For 25×30” wash systems without the Whirl-A-Way:
      1. Add 4 ¼ cups for a full tank.
    3. For smaller units or when adding water back to the system, add the following amount of AVDELUXEWASH per gallon of water:
      1. 0.2 cups / gallon (or slightly less than ¼ cup per gallon).
  1. Proper Cosmolight Water Parameters:
    1. Water Temperature: 105 – 110 degrees F.
      1. Temperature should be verified multiple times per day
    2. pH: After adding detergent, pH will be 9.2 – 9.8
      1. pH should be checked multiple times per day
    3. Tap Water Hardness Range: 0-50 ppm
      1. Locations with hard water may require a water-softener for best washing results.
  2. Frequency of Water/Bath Changes:
    1. With Whirl-A-Way: Minimum every 2 weeks
      1. If water changes are less frequent, polymer may start building up and tank scrubbing may be required during cleaning.
    2. For systems without a Whirl-A-Way:
      1. It is estimated that the bath should be changed after one to two cases of material are processed.
    3. No matter which soap is used, be sure to use the AVABSORB solidifying agent to turn the drained water into a solid. Cosmolight waste-water should not be discarded down the drain.
  3. When using AVDELUXEWASH the washout times should not change. Verify washout times by checking plate relief after drying.
  4. On the first water change, AVDELUXEWASH may start to clean any caked-up polymer located under the brush or within the system. You may see some evidence of this polymer until these parts are filtered/removed. Once the residual polymer is removed the AVDELUXEWASH should maintain a cleaner tank.

Technical Instructions PDF

Download the PDF