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Facts & Trends You Need to Know About Corrugated Packaging

Did you know that 90% of all products in North America are delivered or transported in printed corrugated boxes at some point in their life cycle? Accordingly to Smithers Pira, leading authority of packaging, paper, and print industry supply chains, demand for corrugated packaging material is expected to increase more than 4% annually over the next four years to reach $176 billion by 2019.

There are a number of trends driving the growing demand for corrugated packaging materials, including environmental issues, internet shopping, printing advances, and packaging weight.

Environmentally-Friendly Corrugated Packaging

Most people don’t realize the environmental benefits of corrugated packaging. In 2012, 91% of all containerboard produced in the United States was recovered and recycled. Corrugated packages and boxes contain as much as 46% recycled material, which has a low impact on greenhouse gases, acidification, and non-renewable energy. In addition, the sustainable practices used to produce corrugated packaging are often more efficient and cost-effective for businesses, creating a win-win situation for consumers and manufacturers.

Growth of Online Shopping

Internet shopping continues to experience explosive growth and there’s no end in sight to its popularity. This has had a positive effect on packaging demand, as an individual item now consumes an amount of corrugated material in its own secondary distribution pack. Retailers can simplify their box designs for online sales since purchase decisions are made long before the consumer sees the box.

Advances in Printing / Retail-Ready Packaging

There is a growing demand for retail-ready packaging, point-of-sale displays, and merchandising units. Brand owners are under added pressure to improve shelf appeal and exposure to their products. Approximately 60-70% of purchase decisions are made in the store and studies show that consumers make choices in as little as 20 seconds! Advances in digital printing have improved the quality of printing and make shorter runs economically feasible. Limited edition packaging designs are successfully engaging consumers to build sales. Additionally, brand owners are utilizing technology, including QR codes, to meet the demands of new interactive marketing.

Lightweight / Heavyweight Package Demand

Brand owners are continually striving to reduce overall packaging weight and transport costs, which is increasing the demand for lightweight corrugated boxes. Today’s lightweight containerboards can handle surprising capacities and weights.
Demand for heavyweight corrugated products as a substitute for wooden packs also continues to grow. Benefits include significant weight reduction, improved cushioning for products, an improved printing surface, and headaches regarding pest and insect damage in wooden packs are eliminated.

Corrugated Package Printing

Anderson & Vreeland has long recognized the benefits of corrugated packaging and offers state-of-the-art equipment, materials, software, and support for printing. The world of corrugated boxes and packaging material is a unique sector. Put our 50-plus years of experience serving the flexo industry to work for you.