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Flint and Corrugated Packaging in China

Flint Group Takes on the Chinese Corrugated Market With “Flexo Goes Green”.

The Chinese market for corrugated products is enormous. China accounts for 25% of global corrugated production, according to the International Corrugated Case Association, outranking even the U.S. The country’s increase of corrugated packaging is keeping pace with its industrial output and growth of GDP, and, of course, population. As population and earning power grows, the demand for packaged product does as well. Industry forecasts predict that China’s share of the corrugated market will quickly grow even further in the next few years.

Fleco Goes GreenAnd because China doesn’t have the natural resources to provide domestic corrugated, much of their output comes from recycled product made from used cardboard that’s shipped from other countries. In other words, because it’s more profitable to sell and ship used product to China than to do so domestically, China has become a central corrugated production center.

Recognizing China’s powerful position in the corrugated market, plus its likely growth in the near future, the people at Flint Group took a look at the actual corrugated products being produced by Chinese countries. What they saw was relatively plain printing, with little or no branding, and lots of room for improvement.

During this year’s Sino-Corrugated fair in Shanghai, Flint, along with project partners Bobst and Esko, unveiled their new “Flexo Goes Green” product, a collaboration that demonstrated the power of printing.

Esko did the prepress work, Bobst provided their VISION-160 press, and Flint brought its FLEXOPAK C water-based ink, used with nyloflex ART 284 Digital photopolymer printing plate. The end product is environmentally-friendly and high-quality printed product that’s colorful and eye-catching, and a good example of how printing can be employed to help create a branding statement on corrugated products.



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