Improve Your Paper Producing Process with tesa EasySplice®

With the latest generations of splicing tapes, tesa EasySplice® and other related splicing products are continuing their success stories. Each splicing product ensures fast splice preparation, high tack for secure splicing, shear resistance for a stable corrugated production process, and special adhesive formulas and high coating weights for the highest performance.

Tesa has revolutionized processes in paper producing and converting industries with the invention of EasySplice®. Some of the most beneficial aspects of EasySplice® include:

Saving Time

EasySplice® prepares reels for easy and fast splicing as it only requires just one straight line, allowing for no extra tape and no additional butterflies.

tesa Easysplice® FilmLine

Being Quick

No matter the project, you can run difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed. This can be attributed to its formulation as tesa’s patented FilmLine contact adhesive meets the highest requirements.

Reducing Waste

Higher splice performance requires less waste. All EasySplice® products come with a specially designed splitting strip, which guarantees safe closure for new reels during acceleration and precise opening of the new reel after contact.

Splicing Tapes for Film Materials

Utilizing its decades of experience in flying splice applications, tesa’s EasySplice® products are a great asset to film converters, especially the FilmLine series as it was developed for splicing unpolar, filmic substrates. Offering a complete range of process tapes for the complete production process, the double-sided tape’s fast preparation and secure splicing at the highest speed ensure process stability and efficiency.

Splicing Tapes for Paper Printing

The improved contact adhesive combined with the most reliable product design and tailored assortment for all paper grades and reel stands allows the newest generation of splicing tapes to offer better performance than ever before, such as:

  • 30% more tack than the market standard, creating reliable contact between new and expiring web during splicing;
  • Newly designed “all-weather” adhesive, performing at the same high-level while being unaffected by extreme temperatures and humidity variations;
  • Bonding perfectly due to its increased wetting;
  • 50% longer durability as it offers an 18-month shelf life without loss of performance.

Splicing Tapes for Corrugated Board Production

To splice all different paper grades of liner and flute, tesa offers a comprehensive assortment of double-sided splicing tapes that secure splicing for the corrugated board production. The specialty tapes are designed for closing, opening, and reinforcing boxes for the applied in-line “dry end” of the corrugator production line as they ensure production efficiency and process security at high production speeds. This can be seen through:

  • The closing of corrugated boxes as the double-sided tape combines well-balanced adhesion properties with different types of tape backings and liner materials, helping you find the perfect solution to your specific application needs.
  • The opening increase in user-friendliness to enhance customer satisfaction from the addition of the self-adhesive “tear tapes.”
  • The reinforcing of extra strength to your packaging solution, allowing you to increase your maximum load and support critical areas (i.e. die-cut handles or hand holes) while reducing board thickness and weight.

All in all, from decades of experience as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive tape, tesa has found success from focusing on its customers’ processes and striving to understand their needs to find the solution.

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