Canada Virtual Support

Introducing Virtual Service Across Canada

Using your cell phone to help solve problems with plate-washing and plate-making systems

Closing restaurants and bars in the Age of Coronavirus makes some sense, but when it comes to keeping your printing business running there may be a few things that still need attention. Some of those involve machines you rely on every day because when they fail your business can seem a little shaky. Not good.

Being Virtual in a Physical World

So what do you do? Like most businesses, we at Anderson & Vreeland Canada have had to look hard at how we continue supporting our customers. We are adapting to different ways of doing business, especially with the provincial borders as closed as the one with the States.

Although we face the same travel limitations as you, we can still provide much of the support you need. Cell phone and video technology lets us connect with customers in every province to identify and help solve problems that may be slowing production and adding stress for your team and customers. Our virtual service focuses on Orbital water-wash photopolymer plate processors, Whirl-A-Ways, Ovit plate washers, solvent plate-making systems, and plate mounters/de-mounters.

Pull Out your Cell Phone

To get started, Fire up FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or your favourite app for cellular and video communications. Now stroll over to a device that is not running quite the way you’d like. Dial up Martin Schofield at 416-529-7127 or Richard Heaps at 905-914-0308 and use the camera on your phone to show Martin or Richard what is going on and talk through the details with them. Martin or Richard will ask questions and often be able to diagnose your problem and even come up with a solution. They may also be able to get parts to you and provide virtual support for repair so you can be productive again.

This remote support is available only from Anderson & Vreeland Canada. While it won’t be quite as good as having Martin or Richard on your shop floor, it’s as close as we can get these days. So call us. We’re here to help and waiting for your call.