Converging Technologies

Learn about Converging Technologies Affecting Flexo

Look for insightful information on the state of computer-to-plate technologies for flexo in the next Flexo Daily blog post. The landscape might suggest the market for CTP imagers has matured but there are driving factors pushing the technology even further.

Then there is extended gamut flexo. Where is it going and how is it affecting our industry? You can learn all about extended gamut on Flexo Daily in November.

Upcoming blog posts will also address converging technologies including digital printing, workflows, and the worldwide web, and how this is transforming flexography. We’ll address digital presses and finishing solutions in December and digital front-end solutions that tie all the hardware technologies together in January.

Much of this information you will also see in leading publications and websites serving the flexo community like Flexo magazine. That’s because our editorial contributors are industry-leading experts in flexography.  So stay tuned to Flexo Daily.

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