Letterpress Lives!

Letterpress may be one of the earliest forms of transferring ink to a substrate, but it is by no means obsolete. Yet at least one major vendor is dropping letterpress products from its catalog.

We disagree. Anderson & Vreeland has spent nearly 60 years focusing our expertise in the relief printing industries. This includes flexo and letterpress printing of labels, packaging, cups, cans, and board materials. While some manufacturers have recently decided to limit their offerings for the letterpress marketplace, A&V strongly supports this industry.

If another supplier you use has deemed your current product end-of-life, let us know. Our team at Anderson & Vreeland is poised to provide compatible products that meet or exceed your print expectations. We can quickly find the most similar replacement to limit any disruption in your production process. We have a range of letterpress/dry-offset materials of various polymer and metal thicknesses to meet almost any requirement.

For example, we have been partners with Toyobo, a large manufacturer of photopolymer materials, for many years. Many of Toyobo’s dry-offset/letterpress plates are available in both analog and digital form. Our Technologies and Sales Teams have extensive experience ensuring proper material selection, and we have strategically located distribution centers to quickly and efficiently supply these plates to your facility.

Tap into our deep knowledge base! Just use our contact form and tell us your current plate product. If you are in the U.S. or Canada, we’ll advise you of our recommended replacement product within 24 hours.

We are Anderson & Vreeland and have the answers and products you need to keep your business moving forward.