Liquid Photopolymer Technical Tips

6 NEW Liquid Photopolymer Tech Tips

AVantage Liquid Photopolymer Technical Tips

Last month we published a couple of Liquid Photopolymer Tech Tips. Last week 6 NEW Tech Tip were added to the A&V website. These Tech Tip’s were developed to help users understand best practices relating to the handling, storage and usage of AVantage Liquid Photopolymer. Now with a total of 8 Tech Tips, AVantage Liquid Photopolymer users have a resource for commonly asked questions.

View the Liquid Photopolymer Tech Tips:

  • Tech Tip 1 – Proper Storage Extends Plate Life of Liquid Photopolymer
  • Tech Tip 2 – Plate Processing Room Specifications for Liquid Photopolymer
  • Tech Tip 3 – Plate Cleaning Solution for Water-Based Inks
  • Tech Tip 4 – Proper Handling of AVantage® Chemicals and Liquid Resins
  • Tech Tip 5 – AVantage® Chemical Feed and Bleed Set-up
  • Tech Tip 6 – AVenhance Usage
  • Tech Tip 7 – AVantage® Plate Set-up Formula
  • Tech Tip 8 – AVantage® Washout Bath Formulations


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