No More Press Downtime

The AV Flexologic SAMM 1500 (Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine) is the MOM DD+ Pro but with FAMM technology. Do you want to know how it works and what makes it the best option?

The SAMM 1500 is able to position the plate automatically upon recognition of the marks. The table can move horizontally and vertically to position the plate and it has a vacuum system to hold the plate that is automatically switched on when the mounting marks are recognized. The vacuum system provides the highest fixation accuracy.

The camera images are analyzed with vision software to measure the positions of the mounting marks. The position of the plate can be manipulated until 10 microns with the robotic back table, which makes it extremely accurate. When in position, the cylinder comes up automatically to fix the plate, and the pressure roller presses the plate onto the cylinder or sleeve (the operator can use the foot pedal to mount the plate).

There are multiple benefits that the SAMM 1500 offers, among them:

  • The results are fast and with high repeated accuracy of the complete job with the best control over the process.
  • Operator errors are reduced, as well as press downtime.
  • Affordability is always a plus.
  • It can be integrated to the ERP of the customers.
  • Available for: label, flexible, post, and preprint flexo printing.

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