One of Our Own Recognized by BWC

Congratulations to Rick Hubert, Safety Administrator for Anderson & Vreeland, Inc., for receiving the grant certificate awarded by Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation CEO and Administrator, Steve Buehrer (both pictured in the image above). Rick worked diligently over six months writing the grant summary, which covered everything from identifying the problems we began experiencing to providing a cost-benefit analysis for a proposed solution. He has since overseen and coordinated the entire implementation process to get the robotic technology into production. “I take great pride in our safety record of the past eighteen years. We have all worked hard to make it what it is today. With the new Laminator in use part of our employee safety is assured.” said Hubert.

With this new technology in production we have been able to make improvements in the following areas:

  • Increase production capacity by 40% with the same number of staff
  • Decrease waste of polymer material by 7% thanks to non-trimming
  • Reduce labor hours/week by 30 hours thanks to non-trimming
  • Decrease in touches by 55%
  • Reduce repetitive motions and capacity issues to 0
  • 100% of injury potential has been eliminated due to decrease in touches

The safety and well-being of our employees is a top priority, and we are proud to have been able to make their work environment a safer and more enjoyable place. Thank you to everyone at Leaders Engineering, Anderson & Vreeland, and the Ohio BWC for your efforts in making this a reality for us!

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