IST Pure SR60

Paying Too Much for Solvent and Waste Solvent Disposal?

Costs never seem to go down. That includes the cost of flexo plate wash solvents, outside recycling, transportation, and disposal of used solvents.

ISTpure SR60Did you know recycling your waste solvent can reduce solvent purchases by 95% or better and cut your waste disposal cost by as much as 90%! Solvent recovery systems like ECO and IST Pure Solvent Recyclers give flexo printers much better control over their solvent expenditures while helping the environment, sustainability, and their bottom line.

Flexo plate wash solutions can easily be reclaimed for use by distilling the material to bring the blend back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Solvent recyclers are easy to use and reclaim waste solvent in as little as 4 to 6 hours. The end result is a clean, distilled original solvent ready for reuse.

As print runs become shorter and job changeovers increase, more flexo plates are produced requiring greater solvent usage. Regardless of the volume of plate wash used, your business can save a substantial sum of money by recycling and re-using plate wash versus disposing waste solvent and buying new chemistry. In-house recycling of dirty solvents also gives you the flexibility to adapt to market changes with minimal solvent cost impact on your operation.

While putting solvent in a never-ending cycle of use and reuse significantly benefits the environment, the effect on your bottom line is even better. Savings from a reduction in the purchase of new solvent and the reduction in disposal costs really add up.

“Solvent recyclers are becoming a really attractive option as solvent costs and disposal costs continually increase,” said Jessica Harrell, Technologies Manager for Anderson & Vreeland. “Recyclers offer a great return on investment benefitting flexo printers and the environment.”

A solvent recycler should pay for itself in a reasonable period of time. This can be as little as 4 to 12 months with ECO Pure and IST Pure Solvent Recyclers. Once it has paid for itself, the solvent recycler generates income for the owner with each batch that is processed. It’s like free money.

Learn more about IST Pure’s Solvent Recyclers and distillation column here and download the datasheets for further information.


At Intropak we use an ECO solvent recycler for nearly 11 years. This tool is essential for us. We observed several advantages including:

  • A positive impact on the environment because we use less solvent in a year.
  • The transport of ink sludge is more secure since the solvent is removed from the residue.
  • A monetary economy.
  • The recovery of more than 80% of the solvent during recycling.
  • The recovered solvent can be mixed according to a set percentage of virgin solvent for reuse in the process and without inconvenience.

Of course, the original solvent has an end of life, but it may be postponed several times in order to optimize the effectiveness of the product and its purchase.
The recycler is easy to use and requires little maintenance. A short training of about 30 minutes is sufficient to explain the safe use to employees.
Overall, the solvent recycler is an apparatus necessary for the functioning and optimization of our operations.

Alexandre Lépine

Flexipak LogoThe purchase of the IST solvent recycler has been a great asset for Flexipak Industries Inc. The machine is reliable and has an impressive ROI when cycled on a daily basis. After a short training session, the operators find the equipment easy and relatively safe to work with. We’ve been well supported by the supplier when their technical support was necessary. The solvent recycler requires minimal maintenance on an annual basis and minimal parts are required to be kept in stock.
We are very satisfied with our recycler and we strongly recommend it to any company that is considering in purchasing one.

Alex Grota, Technical Manager