Orbital X

Prisma Pressure Sensitive Products Moves Film/Plate Making In-House with A&V Canada

After more than two years of research, Dru Davis, Prisma’s Operations Manager, and I decided to purchase the equipment and accessories required to manufacture flexographic plates in-house.

PrismaAs printers of multiple types of packaging tape and specializing in custom printing, the quality, detail, and precision of flexo plates is of the highest importance. Montreal-based Prisma Pressure Sensitive Products Ltd. has been in the printed tape and tape conversion business for over 25 years. Our customer base ranges from small to large businesses, including major airlines, retailers, manufacturers, food producers, and the packaging industry, and our business continues to grow because we are focused on quality and service.

Dru and I worked with Dominic Greaves, A&V Canada’s Technical Sales Representative, and evaluated flexo plate alternatives, including Cosmolight water-wash flexo plates. We were impressed with Cosmolight and knew this plate was right for our operation. The benefits were many, including increased longevity and the highly-reduced toxicity from solvent-wash plates was incredible.

At the time, our plate supplier was not equipped to offer us Cosmolight, so we decided to make these plates in-house, which ultimately gave us better control over turn-around, production, and cost.

Orbital XSo in late 2014, we ordered our Orbital X plate processor with an Exile Techstyler film printer from Anderson & Vreeland Canada. Dominic spent a few days with us setting up the equipment and provided first-class training. It was impressive to see Dominic’s dedication to our success, and even more so, his continual and on-going follow up. This is a sign of a true professional.

“Prisma made a big decision bringing plate production in-house and I am grateful for their trust placed in Anderson & Vreeland,” noted Dominic Greaves. “It has been extremely rewarding to see their business grow.

Almost one year has transpired since the installation and we are delighted with our purchase. We are now masters of our own destiny having full control with respect to turn-around time to get our film and plates made, which improves our service and speed for our customers. We have gone from receiving an order and waiting at least 48 hours for the plate to completing this process in under 2 hours!

With regard to service, our questions are answered promptly and efficiently by the Team at A&V Canada, and we proudly value them as a most important supplier.