3m Splice Tapes

Stuck on Stickyback

It’s easy to think of stickyback and why it matters — the all but invisible consumable of flexographic printing — as being ubiquitous, but there’s more to these tapes than is immediately apparent. While the various stickyback and splicing tapes available may seem similar they are not all the same, and neither are the suppliers of this critical material. As with so many things, the more you know, the better the work you can do. For flexo, shops knowing more about stickyback and splicing tapes can have a direct impact on your operation and the quality of the product you produce.

3M Stickyback Mounting TapeStick With the Flexo Tape Experts

Anderson & Vreeland sells more 3M stickyback tape than the next three largest distributors combined. Part of this strong market presence is the expertise of a unique team of specialists who can evaluate converters’ press operations, applications and customer need to help ensure the right tapes are used for every job.

These A&V experts continually visit flexo shops to understand converters’ specific needs and provide guidance in the selection and use of the 3M tapes. No other supplier offers a dedicated team focused on mounting and splicing tapes.

Getting the Right Mounting Tape

Such expertise is important. 3M offers more variations of stickyback tape than any other company. Eight foam densities — more than any other manufacturer — are designed to match differences in plate materials, durometer, and thickness for narrow, mid- and wide-web presses. Beyond mounting, tapes are 3M splicing tapes that can save time and money in fast-paced flexo shops. Having knowledgeable advice on all types of tape improves efficiency and profitability.

The Anderson & Vreeland 3M specialists are available for on-location visits or are just a phone call away. Each member of the team brings more than 25 years of flexographic experience to help support your operation and help you make the best decisions about which tapes to use for mounting and splicing every job passing through your shop.

Call A&V’s tape experts for a specialized support that really sticks.