Label and Packaging in a store

Why the label and packaging industry is necessary from a student’s perspective

With the various types of labels and packaging used today, the primary outcome that companies want is to grab the consumers’ attention enough for them to purchase the product. The use of labeling and packaging is another version of marketing.

With recent trends in the western world, consumers are concerned about how sustainable a product and the packaging are; how their purchase will affect the planet and the future generations to come.

At the end of every year, Labels and Labeling predicts the Label and Packaging Printing industry for the upcoming year, this year’s predictions come from Andy Thomas. One of the major predictions for 2020 were the exponential increase in the interest and application of machine learning (AI) and automation in all aspects of the label and package printing industry. The new technological advances that are emerging will significantly contribute to improving the sector in sustainability, energy usage, and waste reduction.

Since the industry is rapidly changing, students must understand where the label and packaging industry is heading and how to market to newer generations over sustainability concerns. It is also essential for students and future students to be innovative when it comes to the label and packaging industry’s future.

Without labels and packages, consumers will not have a way to identify products. The label and packaging industry will always be relevant, but it is up to the industry’s future employees to learn, adapt, and implement the upcoming changes.

Mims StewartMims Stewart
Anderson & Vreeland 2020 Intern