Advancing Flexo Education with STRIPE VR

Although our media consumption is now largely digital, print still plays an important role in our lives. If you haven’t noticed, we still rely on printed packaging to catch our eyes as we browse through both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores....
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Digitized, Tracked, and Up to Date

Change up your inventory with VMI Most flexo shops are managing inventories of supplies and materials pretty much the way they did back in the Last Century: manually. And it’s costing money every day. Meanwhile, customers are seeking faster turnarounds,...
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Are You Ready to Lead?

Label and packaging production is a world of “we need-it-yesterday” deadlines and escalating demands for print quality. Yet, while newer flexo presses and plates have raised the bar on print quality, the manual prepress operations that once ensured on-time delivery...
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The Best Tools Deliver the Best Results

Printing labels and packaging is a demanding business. Successful converters need to provide customers with innovative workflows that streamline the entire process. Within that workflow, color management should ensure every color is absolutely right, every time. Then, whether a job...
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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Just when you think everything is going according to plan, something goes sideways. There you are with a deadline looming or a big job due to come in in a couple of weeks, when you realize some of the technology...
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