Cleaning Products

Creating a New Machine

When you go into flexo shops across Canada you hear a lot about day-to-day processes and procedures that may work well but still have an appetite for a shop’s productive time. Then you find a customer who has had enough...
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Anilox Cleaning: No One-Size-Fits-All

Cleanliness is next to, well, quality, especially when it comes to your anilox rolls. We’ve talked before about the importance of having clean anilox rolls. Clean rolls save time, money, reduces substrate waste, and helps ensure the quality of every...
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Not a Sexy Subject

Raise your hand if any of the following sounds even a little bit like the way you think: ✓ It’s OK for anilox rolls to be rode hard and put away wet because we use them every day, so ink...
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Where is your Weakest Link?

The real estate on your shop floor, from prepress to production to shipping is well-packed with tools and equipment you rely on every day. The machines you’ve chosen all serve a purpose and help ensure your company turns out the...
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Is Your Shop in the Clean Plate Club?

Basics always matter, including the seemingly minor act of cleaning flexo plates. Often treated as an afterthought, this simple process is critical to achieving reliable, consistent print quality. Yet it can be easy to ignore or let slide, especially when...
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