Consumables: The Critical Components

You’ve probably heard about a thousand times that your anilox rolls are the heart of your flexo press. That’s totally accurate. But there are some smaller, less costly parts that while not quite as important still have a direct impact...
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Sticky-back Productivity

Sticky-back, that all but invisible consumable of flexographic printing, may seem ubiquitous but there’s more to this material than is immediately apparent. As with so many things in life and flexography, knowing more about the materials you use—and picking the...
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We Have Your (Sticky) Back

You may not think about sticky-back tape very much, but there’s more to this indispensable consumable of flexographic printing than is readily apparent. You probably know plenty about all the materials that are used in your operation but may not...
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The Advantages of Low-Tack Adhesives

Less is More with Low-Tack Adhesives Choosing the adhesive characteristics of flexographic mounting tapes should not rely on a “some is good, more is better” strategy. Here’s why: two challenges plate mounters face almost every day are difficulty in removing...
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Stuck on Stickyback

It’s easy to think of stickyback and why it matters — the all but invisible consumable of flexographic printing — as being ubiquitous, but there’s more to these tapes than is immediately apparent. While the various stickyback and splicing tapes available...
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